The lambs are tired of being eaten and so, take the bulls by the horn. The wolves are scared out of their skins and shoot their arrows aimlessly to take down their bravery.
The tears of the lands cascade through the earth like the rapids as bodies fall like grasshoppers.
The screams let out echo through the woodland, to mock the kings’ lethargy but it’s as vain as the wolves’ struggles to stop the lambs.
“Angels” set to insulate the kingdoms agitated by lurking vice, turn out to be the blood-suckers walking the streets without a heart.
They turn out to be the real wolves, puffed by the flesh of the lambs they’ve fed on; the lambs they are set to protect.
They have cast many bright futures into thick darkness and have turned vice into a gleaming saint.
The kings’ ineptitude glare and the way their slumbering heads snore in their capacity nauseate the goats.
Even the goats are fed-up with the time and resources wasted by sitting around, sipping from bruised golden cups.
Isn’t it their sorrows they drink when they take pleasure in the misery of the lambs of the lands?

6 thoughts on “Wolves

      1. Your writings are rare cystal clear-you may not think so because you think of your writings in a subjective sense, I digest your writings in an objective sphere! Don’t been hard on yourself, just write hard. You are appreciated!


          1. You confined it to itself not comparing it with how life is natural in the wild. You are excellent at that which you portray, but sometimes writers create things from their experiences that isn’t really taliking about the subject but hidden experiences that affect them in one way or another, and your talent is huge!

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      2. Distilled to its essence you desire for the lambs to do to the wolves what the wolves did to the lambs. You want the weak to over power the strong and your story makes great fantsy (fiction) but don’t stand the test of non-fiction, but fiction out-sells non-fiction!

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