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He watched as she stood there by the roadside, like an angel of death ready with her net and hook, ready to catch her victim; a man to maim, just like she did him.

She wore her deceitful angelic outfit – in which her body was all covered up in the traditional long gown with her finger and toe tips peeping through the baggy sleeves and hem respectively.

He watched as she occasionally glanced at her wristwatch. Her demeanour revealed slight impatience and from her left hand hung a mini travelling bag which she switched from hand to hand now and then. He had bought her that gorgeous bag as a present and she liked it so much and had thanked him a thousand times for it.

The man she was waiting for arrived. She hopped in.

He followed them.

After fifteen minutes drive, the car pulled into a parking lot in front of a grand hotel. They came down and he saw the fair man she was with. He was everything more superior except of course his good nature. That had been the painful part.

“I’m sure to murder for the first time in my life, with my bare hands,” he had said to himself and looked frantically at his hands.

Right before his very eyes, the fair man held her hand, palm, to palm. He glared at their entwined fingers as they walked past the gate into the compound.
As he kept looking at the fingers, he spotted the gold ring – their marriage symbol

I bought that ring with my hard-earned money. She’s wearing my ring and yet…”

He bent his head and looked down to ease the sharp pain in his heart. When next he looked up at them, her head was on the fair man’s shoulder.

“It’s over, can’t take this anymore,” he said to himself and began to walk away.

His phone vibrated.

He turned to look at them. She was making a call while the fair man stood close, too close to be taken.

He picked up his call, she was the one.

“I know you’re following me. I know it’s hard for you to see me this way, it’s not easy for me too. You’re the only man I truly love but I can’t help myself. I’m sorry but you just have to go home and forget all about me. Please take care of our baby. I’ll wear this ring for you, and I’ll always love you. I’m leaving because of you, to set you free so you don’t need to continue with someone like me. You’re such a nice man and I’m terrible. Please go home and get a woman who will be faithful to you. Please forgive me.” She finished and cut the call.

He felt the wave in his ear, it went all the way down to his heart and bones and he went limp.
He watched as she kept the phone back into her purse and they disappeared hand in hand into the hotel.

I’m finally dead. She has killed me,” he said as he stood as

He looked at the hotel one more time and took his first step to retrace his way back to life without her. He knew it was going to be a long difficult journey. Life would never be the same again.

20 thoughts on “Maimed”

  1. Speaking of dilemmas and cross roads… Not right but not easy to let go. There’s however (always) a breaking point though. At this point, it’s either one breaks free or it breaks one completely.
    Meanwhile, why do I think you intended for us to see the characters in the story beyond the superficial (not just from the angle of the ‘drama’ in relationships. For instance, the woman is a symbolic/allegorical representation of all things ’emotional ties’ and the man is its victim.
    Until individuals break free from their entanglements decide to chart a new course for themselves, not much will change.
    Well-scripted! 👌

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    1. Wow! You have freed what I didn’t know was locked away in my own story. Ain’t you amazing? You have a keen mind, ready to dig deeper.
      You’re right, some of us cherish something that will eventually ruin us, it could be relationship, habit, possession and these things we find difficult to let go. Like our souls are helplessly tied to them. And all we need is for something or someone else to help us break free, because we can’t break free left alone and when it happens as in the case of the story, we feel disappointed but in actual sense, it’s the best thing that could happen to us. Without that freedom, we’re done, ruined, maimed. But with the freedom, it’s a new better life.


  2. A woman born to be left. One day, she will wear her looks badly and have miniscule memories of what may have been. She will be lonely, bereft and her rheumy eyes will reach the faces of meaningless trysts that don’t keep her warm or soothe her pains.
    Great story thank you for resting it here.😇

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    1. Well said. I’m glad you’re touched by it. Exactly what I expected her fate to be eventually. It’s going to be such a terrible consequence. I only wish she left such despicable dirth to embraced a cleaner lifestyle, just for the poor man and her baby. Thanks for your comment ellenbest24. It means a lot to me.

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