About Changing Lanes

Photo by Kevin Lee, Unsplash.com.

He signalled and slowed down, trafficator blinking.

Some things are facile, changing course inclusive.

One gives a space in front, another pulls his car into it.

But with time he realised, that no one was kind enough.

Soon his turning point got close, he shouldn’t pass that point.

He vowed to take a space, by hook and crook.

A feeble man couldn’t survive, in a world full of struggle.

He must prove his strength and their space take by force.

He tried once, twice, thrice, again, again and again.

Behold, every bumper kept kissingย  another.

“Join from behind,” they screamed

“Maintain your lane, ” went the angry shouts.

Everywhere he tried, was all tight and closed.

He’s nothing but stuck, in between two lanes.

He looked back in shock, endless traffic behind.

His wait long to be, probably into the night.

Angry and fed up, he brought his car to a halt.

Trafficator still blinked, nothing to do but wait.

In anger he did the unexpected and climbed atop his car.

There he stretched out himself , to watch their reaction.

But no one cared, everyone looked, shook head and passed.

From there he watched, hundreds of cars speed by.

Drivers cursed and swore, “Get yourself off the road

“If you want to kiss the dust, go somewhere else.”

But he was too mad to allow, a word out his lips.

All he needed from fat mouths, was give him the chance needed.

Just a little space, to make his turn in a     couple of seconds.

That’s not too much to ask. from fellow motorists.

But minutes got by, precious minutes and nothing happened.

And while he snored atop his car, someone tapped his foot.

Someone kind enough. to help him out of his desperation.

Some who paused the traffic behind, to allow him to take his space.

But he was shocked to realise, that the kind man who helped him out

Was the man he refused a chance in the past into his lane

It was a long time ago, wasn’t expecting to meet him again.

If I have an opportunity to help someone in a desperate situation especially when its giving them a chance or opportunity and I’m in a position to help, I should go ahead and do the needful. One never knows tomorrow and what and who one would meet along the path of life.

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    Couple of days ago, I came across this brilliant piece by a fellow blogger Fiez of Artistic Words and it resonates with me. It’s such an apt allegorical representation of the concept/ideal of kindness. What’s more, the manner in which she communicates the message, (using the struggle for thoroughfare between drivers in traffic) is ingenious.

    I thought to share it with you. Trust me, you’ll find it a great read.

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  2. Wow! This, for me, is the best piece of work I’ve read in days. How you used the dynamics of traffic and struggling motorists (in the traffic) to depict one of life’s vital lessons is ingenious. I didn’t see it coming. There is so much to it than meets the eye. I’m making a mental note to reblog this post and dwell on it more myself.


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