Odd Fate #3

The windstorm increased its velocity and in seconds they hovered above the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. It steadied itself on the wet sandy beach, a few centimetres from the seashore, lingered there for a while, spinned closer to the waters and dropped them.

Mary lay where she was dropped dizzy. The strange man had gotten to his feet. The rescuers were four yards away when water wave rolled over Mary and swept her into the sea.

In less than ten seconds, Mary’s face appeared above the water. Both hands beat the surface and her legs kicked against the water in an effort to keep her face above the water.

The strange man jumped into the ocean to rescue her while three rescuers followed. A jet boat with unknown rider approached from a distance but another wave came. This time it went thirty-feet high, rolled over Mary and the strange man who had started pulling her to the shore, wrapped its length around them and continuously rolled them away from the rescuers before settling.

Everyone waited for them to surface but nothing happened.

“This whole thing is weird.” One of the onlookers standing at the beach said.

“Where could they be?” One of the rescuers asked his colleague.

“Probably in the bottom. Let the divers go.” said the team leader.

Three divers plunged into the ocean and the to search for Mary and the strange man began.


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